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My session with the personal trainer went well last night. Compared to last week, I am not struggling with any significant, lingering muscle pain. But don’t let him know otherwise he may further intensify the workout. It is plenty challenging enough right now.

I rode my bike the day after the workout last week and I had a very difficult time keeping my heart rate aerobic. My muscles were hurting long before the cardio system felt anything. I was battling to keep the cardio intensity above a light recovery ride even though my leg muscles were in agony. Tough ride.

My trainer told me to keep today’s ride an active recovery session. Which means a very easy ride. Light gears, light effort.

Obviously, the overall objective is to improve core conditioning and to hopefully alleviate the back pain issues and not break any new cycling records. Recovery rides do not break cycling records and I try to avoid doing them as much as possible.

My theory, though, is that my personal trainer will create pain in the other areas of my body and I will soon forget about the back pain. It will seem very minor by comparison.

So far, this theory seems to be working.

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