The Wedding Day

I have no images from the wedding day itself. I had a few things on the go that day. We hired a photographer for the wedding and we won’t see his work for another couple of weeks so I am limited in terms of photos from the wedding.

However, I did find the wedding photographer’s flash after the reception had ended on Saturday night. And, in a show of gratitude, he brought me an 8×11 shot of the wedding party. I scanned and cropped the shot to share with you. A pretty good looking family. My new son-in-law, my daughter, my two sons and my lovely wife.

Today is actually the first day with a full night’s rest and without extended family and friends in the house. Today will be the first real day of rest and relaxation. A chance to recuperate from the excitement over the past several weeks.

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  1. Matthew Cleaver
    Matthew Cleaver says:

    well it was stressful because you guys were all over the place when I was looking for someone to play with me but no one wanted to. 🙁


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