Today is the Day

My daughter will be married later today. I wanted to make sure that I was well rested for the big day. I was able to get about 3 hours of sleep.

Oh well. That was to be expected.

In about an hour, I will head down to the hall to finish setting up the sound system. From about 8am until noon, the band will rehearse. From noon until 1pm, I will get myself home and prepped for the photos at 1pm. At around 2pm or so, we will begin to make our way down to the church. Wedding at 3pm. Receiving line at 5pm. Reception until about 10:30pm. Tear down until about midnight. Back to sleep at 1 or 2am.

Sunday will be just as busy as we will be leading worship at our church. Rehearsal at 8:15am. Church until about 11am. Brunch for our family and friends.

Meltdown by end of day Sunday.

But, whatever else happens, today will mark one of the most special times for a father. I am so happy for my daughter.

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  1. Matthew Cleaver
    Matthew Cleaver says:

    Yes I am very happy for my sister also

    P.S you… uh didn’t get me up 🙂 I had a nice sleep and I feel like I could do anything.


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