Practice Makes Perfect

This is where I have been spending most of my spare time. Practicing for the big wedding reception. Full band rehearsal tomorrow. Should be fun.

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  1. Greg Greaves
    Greg Greaves says:

    Nice setup for a band room, although there might be one or two overlapping patch cables – a work in progress to be sure. Question – that looks like a Yamaha Stagepas PA. Would you recommend it for that size room? Do you run a line to that massive subwoofer over in the corner?

    • Richard Cleaver
      Richard Cleaver says:

      Hi Greg,

      The setup works well for a smaller band. We find that we can comfortably house up to 7 players and still hold a productive rehearsal.

      For rehearsals, I rent a small system primarily for vocals. Tops are all we need. The subwoofer that you noticed in the lower picture is part of the home theater. I keep trying to tell my wife that it is not that massive 🙂

  2. Rob
    Rob says:

    Richard, really great looking room, very clean and bright looking. I bet it is a nice environment to play indeed. Well done R

  3. Joshua
    Joshua says:

    Greg – The SWR Goliath cab and Ampeg SVT 3-Pro head can pump more than enough low end to fill the room. 😉 The 200+ pound subwoofer is not required.


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