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I suspect that posting over the next week or so will be somewhat hit and miss. With so much going on, I’m not going to find much time for the blog. But, in case you want to know what is likely going to happen over the next few weeks, here are my predictions for the future:

I will continue to whine about back pain. I mean, what is the point of back pain if you can’t whine about it?

My personal trainer will cause me pain. Perhaps not in my back but definitely in other areas of my body. Obviously, I will need to whine about that as well.

I will ride. Even with a bad back. And I will worry about riding. But then again, I worry about everything.

The wedding will freak me out but I will put on a brave front and no one will know. Except everyone who follows the blog.

I will look at the job jar for the next week and panic. And complain. But I will get everything done. More or less.

I will experience all the emotions that a wedding brings out. I will cry. But I will try to hide it.

And I will reflect on the many blessings in my life. My wife, my daughter, my two sons, all of my friends and family. The wedding has made me think about the past. We’ve enjoyed a wonderful life. I am, and continue to be, a very fortunate man.

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