In Twelve Days

The wedding happens. In. Twelve. Days.

The past week was a blur as I was doing double shifts — work and volunteer service. The week-end was also a blur as we spent the time getting the house ready for all of our incoming friends and family.

There are lots of smaller details still to be ironed out but the wedding will happen. And I have to get myself ready for it. I suppose the one benefit of keeping really busy during this time is that it keeps the emotional side in check. I have many decidedly mixed emotions about the wedding.

On the one hand, I am so happy for my wonderful daughter. I am proud of her. She is nothing less than amazing. She has met a terrific young man and I know that they will build a great life together.

On the other hand, I will deeply miss her. I know it is time for her to make her way in life and I know that she will always be my daughter, but I also know that she will no longer be part of my everyday life.

It will be challenging for me to stay balanced and not to get overly stressed about the big day.

I’ll see how it goes.

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