Back On The Bike

After a layoff due to back issues, I got back on the bike today. I was a bit fearful. Would I wind up doing more damage to the back?

I went easy. More of a recovery ride really. Kept the cadence up. Kept the heart rate aerobic. And I tried to get used to the new bike position, saddle and cleat position.

First observation? There is no back pain. The pain in my right leg has subsided significantly. At least for now. I could tell that the cleat alignment had made a significant difference to the pronation of the right leg. Before, I would look down and I would see the right heel angled out by quite a margin. Not now.

New saddle seemed to be a good fit. The adjusted height of the saddle and the elevated angle of the hoods also seemed fine. I also think I warmed up properly on the bike. 2 clicks out from the house and my heart rate was still below 120. I’m usually pushing 130 or more within the first 2 clicks.

Getting off the bike, I felt awesome. Unlike previous rides, I took time to stretch and crunch, before and after.

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