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Trevor was in town to host a Compassion Canada presentation at our church. Although I do not serve as part of the technical team, I was asked if I would be willing to run sound for the two services on Sunday. And I am so pleased that I was able to serve Trevor and the Compassion team. Both services were powerful reminders of the plight of many children in the world and the opportunity we have to sponsor a child and make a difference in their lives. We took out a sponsorship on behalf of our youngest son.

Joshua and I spent Saturday afternoon preparing the environment for Trevor. We then spent most of Sunday in terms of load-in, sound check, services, tear down and a late lunch with Trevor, Brad and Andy. Great friends and a special time to get together.

I brought my own direct boxes, microphones, monitors, interconnects. I tried to bring in a proper sound system for the event but I was too late for booking. Summer is a busy time for the audio houses. The system at the church is very, very rough. I was able to get the job done but I’ve never had to “fight” with a sound system to try and wrestle out a decent sound like I did with this one. Joshua did a great job on the multimedia component and we made all the cues and transitions without a blip.

A very powerful and moving morning. I know Trevor often drops by the blog. Trevor, you are amazing! Well done.

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  1. Trevor Dick
    Trevor Dick says:

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on sound this Sunday. It was a real honour to be a Bay Park for the morning. A big thank you to Josh as well … “the Cleaver dream team” – that’s what you are! It was also great to relax and catch up over lunch …

    Have a great week,



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