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I sat in on a couple of songs at the company BBQ yesterday. Although I do a lot of playing, the context is quite different for this type of event.

These past few months have been remarkably busy and I am really under pressure for time. Things will ease up once we get through the wedding and I get through a couple of other projects but right now it is hard to stay on top of everything.

The band that played yesterday wanted me to sit in on all the songs. The commitment to rehearse and to work through 10 or 12 songs was just not possible. But I did not want to let the team down so we agreed that I would sit in on a couple of tunes.

I did not have time to practice and it was literally the night before that I spun the covers. No charts so I had to play the tunes from memory.

Showing up with no rehearsal and no run through is not me. I am one of those folks that likes rehearsal. And so I stressed out over this event. I know. I shouldn’t have put myself through the wringer but that is what happened.

It was a lot of fun. And I was so pleased to be asked and to be included. And I did enjoy the feedback. Particularly from the sound person. His conversation went along these lines.

“Hey man. You know, they told me that this senior VP would be playing on a couple of songs and I thought, whatever. But then you get up there and wow. You have, like, you have the chops! A guy with a passion for life insurance and guitar.”

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  1. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    Rehearsal is all fine and good, but sometimes you’ve got to rely on some good ol’ fashion talent 🙂


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