Lauzon Music and the Customer Experience

I had a failure on my pedalboard Friday evening and I needed to replace one pedal and I needed to get a run of George L cable. George L cable was nowhere to be found in Kingston and so I had to make a run up to Ottawa. Which, given all the activity on the go, was not what I had in mind for Saturday morning. But, as I was playing again on Sunday, I had little choice.

We left first thing Saturday morning and arrived at Lauzon Music in Ottawa before 11am. I ordered 15 feet of George L cable. That should last me for a little while as most of my pedalboard runs are measured in inches.

Lauzon is a terrific store and they stock some amazing instruments. Guitars from the Fender and Gibson custom shops. Collings. PRS. Taylor. They also stock most of the high-end boutique pedals and several of the better known boutique amp manufacturers. They are one of the very few stores in Canada to carry the Dr. Z line of amps.

As Lorraine and I started to leave the store, the owner, Ken Lauzon, engaged us in conversation. We spent roughly half an hour just talking about guitars. I told him about my Taylor acoustic and how I had noticed some changes in attack and dynamics when I had the action lowered.

He asked me who did the work. It was a guitar tech in Newmarket. The guitar tech had filed down the saddle on the bridge. Not the correct procedure.

Ken walked us through all of the features of the New Technology neck that Taylor has engineered. I have to admit that I knew nothing about this technology. The neck can be easily adjusted through a sophisticated method of shims.

Ken took us into the guitar service area and demonstrated how the New Technology neck is designed. He also introduced me to the guitar tech and reassured me that if I needed to bring the Taylor up for servicing from Kingston that they would attend to the work within a few hours.

He also showcased a number of limited edition guitars that he had brought in for customers. Some amazing instruments.

A wonderful discussion and a great example of customer service.

I left that shop with more knowledge. I left that shop feeling like I was an important customer. And I left that shop thinking that it was worth the drive from Kingston.

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