Google Versus Apple

The following clip is an excerpt from The Pirates of Silicon Valley. It highlights how Microsoft conducted business back in the good old days.

A lot has changed since then.

First, Microsoft is a dead stick company. Unable to effectively innovate or grow the business, it clings to its old monopoly model of imposing a tax on PCs. A tax that is called Windows and, more often than not, Office. In terms of the next wave of computing, Microsoft is simply not a material factor. Microsoft does not lead or drive the market. Other competitors have moved in.

What is interesting is that the same techniques Microsoft used in the 1980s to dominate the PC industry is now being used by Google to dominate the 2010s. Google is playing hardball with its competitors and Google is winning.

When Schmidt joined the board of Apple in 2006, he made the following statement:

“Apple is one of the companies in the world that I most admire,”? said Eric Schmidt. “I’m really looking forward to working with Steve and Apple”™s board to help with all of the amazing things Apple is doing.”?

Or was there a different motive?

Android? Chrome? Google TV?

Google”™s VP of Engineering, Vic Gundotra made a particularly arrogant statement about why Google created Android:

If we did not act, we faced a draconian future. Where one man, one company, one carrier was the future.

Uh, huh. Conveniently forgetting to mention that Google had acquired Android in 2005. Before the iPhone. Before the Apps store. And conveniently forgetting to mention that Eric Schmidt was following the teachings of Sun Tzu’s Art of War:

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

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    • Richard Cleaver
      Richard Cleaver says:

      Thanks Matthew. The link you highlight is an interesting perspective on how some record labels were trying to cut exclusive deals with Amazon and Apple’s response was to stop promoting those particular songs.

      Global recorded music sales shrank by 7.2 percent, from $18.3 billion to $17 billion, through 2009. From the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry’s latest report:

      iTunes Store is now the U.S.”™ biggest music seller, with over a quarter of sales – so the industry must hope Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) innovation can provide it with another shot in the arm.

      Perhaps their domination in the delivery of digital music is not such a bad thing 😉

  1. Matthew Cleaver
    Matthew Cleaver says:

    It is kinda of weird because it does seem as though Microsoft did indeed “steal” as the creator of apple would say. However It seems to be that Apple was using “Microsoft” before Microsoft came out. However in the film that it showed, It seems as though IBM was trying to gain apples trust so that Microsoft would never happen because they knew that the would not be the 1st or 2nd best or maybe even 3rd in this whole thing of computers. They knew that Microsoft would become bigger than apple and IBM. They were right but now Microsoft is now losing right now so IBM should have just left Microsoft alone and maybe IBM is the company to blame about this… event.

    • Matthew Cleaver
      Matthew Cleaver says:

      And it also seems to be that apple thought they could beat Microsoft. They were wrong until now and Bill came up with such a weird reason to say that he owned Microsoft which is what he created. Actually 2 reasons but still, It is kinda weird how they could be arguing about something so little and it seems to be that what they tried to prevent was already set in stone.


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