How Much Longer

On Sunday, I did a 50 kilometer loop on the bike. Good solid pace. Beautiful, sunny day. Very little traffic.

Basically, a perfect ride. And what was I thinking about as I was riding? How much longer. Not how much longer until I finish the loop. No. How much longer will I be able to ride?

The crazy part of being in your fifties is that mortality is no longer an abstract concept. I hope to ride for at least another 20 years. But that might not happen. I hope to play guitar just as well as I do today for at least another 20 years. But that might not happen. I hope to remain active in life, healthy and involved in my faith, my family and my community for at least another 20 years. But that might not happen.

In a way, knowing that time is limited heightens the awareness of the special moments in life. When I finished the ride, I lifted my bike to my shoulders to walk the thousand feet or so up the hill to the house. I told myself to remember this moment, this feeling. The feeling that you get when you finish a ride. The sense of accomplishment and the sense of well being.

And although I am way over-committed right now with too many things on the go, I have to remember that no matter how much longer, I need to stay in the moment. To remember the wonderful people and experiences I have in my life today.

How much longer really doesn’t matter.

Today matters.

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  1. Matthew Cleaver
    Matthew Cleaver says:

    Dad, being with your family will be over 20 years. Even when we are up in heaven it will still happen. And you will most likely still be playing the guitar AFTER 20 years.

  2. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    As a fairly young guy I find I have to fight myself to keep from wishing my life away. Anxious for certain seasons to be over, wasting time focusing on disappointments, etc. This is a very inspiring post. I hope I can heed the advice and learn to really appreciate these things well before my fifties.

    And Matthew makes a great point 🙂
    I look forward to knowing what a amp tone sounds like in Heaven. (I can’t find a verse, but I’m sure you’ll be playing there too!).


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