Freedom Not Stuff

The chair of the Canadian Task Force on Financial Literacy has a blog. Don Stewart, CEO of Sun Life, is tasked with finding ways to help Canadians improve their ability to manage their money. Two interesting themes from one of their public consultations:

The first concerns the challenge of making financial literacy education interesting or compelling to the people who would benefit from it. We heard that, despite the widespread perception that traditional “financial literacy is boring,”? there are many ways to make financial literacy real, interesting and engaging through peer-to-peer programming, advanced technology, real life stories and experiential learning…

A second common theme, covered by several presenters, focused on the importance of basic life values over the accumulation of material possessions. The Financial Post”™s Jonathan Chevreau neatly summed up his formula for financial independence: “Freedom, not stuff.”?


Unfortunately, freedom was not defined except within the context of materialism. Freedom from stuff?

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