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I’m not a big fan of group rides. I prefer to set my own pace and draw my own line when I ride. I prefer to ride solo.

When I was actively racing, many years ago now, I would frequently ride in packs. I used to do weekly rides with the cycling club and daily club training rides along Lakeshore Boulevard in Montreal. I learned how to set a group pace and how to lead a group ride and I learned how to race a bike. Racing is a very different experience. And, now that I am a bit older, I find that I do not miss the racing experience at all.

Over the week-end, I had a chance to ride a 25km loop with my future son-in-law. First time I have cycled with someone else in years. I called 25-27 km/h for the pace and we managed an average pace of 26 km/h with a maximum of 44 km/h. My computer does not track a minimum but we held to about 18 km/h on the longer, higher grades. For the most part, a solid class B pace.

My future son-in-law had no issues with the pace and I think we enjoyed a great ride together. It certainly was one of those picture perfect mornings. Beautiful sunshine. Little in the way of wind. Nice country ride. Comfortable temperature. Only a few cars.

Great memory.

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  1. Mike P
    Mike P says:

    Yes indeed! Thanks very much for suggesting it and having me along””I very much enjoyed the time also. It was gorgeous weather, good company, and just the right length.


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