95 Days

I had posted about 100 days before the wedding here. Although I think it has now clicked over to 94 days before the wedding.

Still feeling the pressure as I have way too much on my plate over the next few months. That said, I am making some progress.

On the household front, Lorraine and I put a dent on taming the landscape around the fort. The landscape beds front and back are up to suburban standards. The next step is to tackle some of the fallen trees. I am hoping my oldest son will give me a hand with that task once he gets home from university.

And some good progress with the righteous herd, Rockin’ Rick and the Holy Cows. The song list has been approved by my daughter and I have started to work on arrangements and to pull charts.  I was able to book a great sound system for the wedding which includes:

  • Digital console
  • Snake
  • Amp rack and loudspeaker management processors
  • Speaker cabinets — tops and subwoofer
  • Monitors
  • Mics, stands, cables

Aside from the wedding plans, I have a few other things also taking place over the next 95 days:

  • Produce, arrange, engineer, mix a recording project for Echo
  • Mix performance tracks for Trevor
  • Deliver a sound system strategy for a local church in Kingston
  • Rehearse and perform 12 dates

Oh, and it has been absolutely crazy at work as well.


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  1. Michael Weening
    Michael Weening says:

    Pretty amazing. Another phase in the family. Next thing you know you will be a grandpa.

    Where does the time go? Ayden becomes a teenager this month, University only a few years a go. Yet you can still remember holding them as a baby.

    So fast. Make sure you take lots of video, the kind of corny video that no one else will enjoy except the family (smile). And enjoy!


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