100 Days

My daughter posted an update on her wedding blog.

100 days.

I’m not ready.

As far as I can tell, this wedding will be one of the most significant social events in the Cleaver household in quite some time. I am very excited about this event. I am so happy for my daughter.

We have already started work on preparing the house for all of the visitors that will be arriving for the wedding.

Living in the country means that you can take advantage of the natural beauty of the rural property. Except, of course, where it approaches the vicinity of the house. There, the property must mirror many of the aspects of a suburban home: manicured green lawn, attractive flower beds, outdoor furniture. Like most households, we have a range of outdoor duties when spring comes along. And being relatively new homeowners, a number of outdoor projects in the job jar. Many of the projects read “finish someday” and “no rush”. Projects like: Clear fallen trees in the forest, Clean up front and back garden beds, Grade drive, Pare Back Growth. The status of those projects have now been changed.

Must finish outdoor projects. Before 100 days.

The house is only a few years old. Which is good news. Not as many indoor projects. But we still have not fully unpacked from the move two years back. I know. How can that be? Chill. Life happens.

Must finish unpacking. Before 100 days.

And there is a need to paint the great room. Big room. Maybe that is why it is called a great room. Actually it is several rooms all in one open space: kitchen, dining room and living room. Lots of walls. Lots of details. Lots of painting.

Must paint the great room. Before 100 days.

My band, RR&tHC, is playing at the wedding. RR&tHC, for those in the know, stands for Rockin’ Rick and the Holy Cows. We make moo-sic.

Must source sound system, pull charts and arrangements,  and call band rehearsals. Before 100 days.

It is customary for the parents to say a few words at the reception. And I would like to do something “special” for the big day.

Must prepare for the reception. Before 100 days.

And, I suspect I might need a little break after the wedding. However, taking a little break means planning. Where will we go? Where will we stay? What will we do?

Must plan break. Before 100 days.

There is one final task that I have to anticipate.

Must plan on nervous breakdown. In 100 days.

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