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The tire is back on the bike and has remained inflated. I run Specialized Roubaix Armadillo Elite tires. The design features a relatively lightweight puncture resistant tire at just under 300 grams. I run a 25c 120 TPI casing and I typically inflate to about 115 PSI.

Although some folks claim the tire is indestructible, I had over half a dozen flats on the rear tire last year. And one flat on the rear so far this season after just a few rides.

A lot of riders like the Continental GP 4000 tires and I am getting to the point where I think I will make a switch. I’ve had way too many issues with the Armadillo tires. And life is too short to be worried about flats. Especially when the pace gets above 30 km/h.


Finishing off the basics on a new project. Lots of production work particularly in arranging the drums, bass and guitar tracks. I committed to 8 songs and I have finished 6. Ready to track vocals. And only a couple more songs left to arrange.

Oh. And I have a wedding to prepare. About 10 songs. And some performance tracks on another project. 9 or 10 other dates in the calendar.

So many sounds. So little time.

I have been using the Dr. Z in the studio. The rig records like a dream. I have the 2008 anniversary edition head and a 1 x 12 cab. Great rig. Loud though. Maybe a bit too loud for most of what I do on stage.


I have been doing a full refresh of the digital photography collection. For some reason, I was keeping both the RAW and DNG files after every shoot. At roughly 20 megabytes per frame, it really starts to add up. I also needed to put a bit more organization into the library and get ready for the eventual upgrade to Adobe Lightroom 3.


Sleeping is not happening. Not sure why but I have not been getting a good night’s rest. Lots of tossing and turning and getting up several times during the night just to shake off the frustration of not being able to get to sleep.


Tinnitus has been receding. So much so that I now forget about it most of the time. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that the tinnitus has receded. I have to admit that I hold a bit of fear that it could return again. I thought that once the brain had habituated, the ringing sound would not re-occur.

I was wrong.

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