RC on iPad

A friend of mine was in New York and he happened to catch an iPad in action: richardcleaver.com on an iPad. Well, richardcleaver.com would rather have an iPad than be on an iPad. But still pretty cool.

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  1. Capo
    Capo says:

    Early list of “Top 50” IPad Apps


    At Bat looks pretty slick for the gamer / sports fan

    And Desktop Connection sounds like a must to connect to your iMac (or Windows box) – http://antecea.com/products/desktop-connect.html

    (Sidebar – RDP is a proprietary MS protocol)

    Nice little write up about iPad Meets Windows

    Personally I am warming up to the idea – now that I can use it as a portal to my Windows 7 boxes!

    (This also solves the print problem)


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