3DTV is Here

I received an email from Best Buy today: 3DTV is here.

From a home theater perspective, there is simply not enough light with the current technology to make the experience worthwhile. Which means that new display technology is required to present a 3d “experience”.

The Toronto Star covered this latest trend from an electronics industry bent on very rapid product obsolescence:

“3DTV is the next major milestone in the industry”™s never-ending quest to make the experience as breathtakingly real as possible,”? says Carmi Levy, a London, Ont.-based independent technology analyst. “It”™s easy to see why so many moviegoers are eagerly anticipating being able to bring the 3D experience home as well.”?

While Levy concedes the technology is “exciting,”? he questions if entertainment seekers are ready for the upgrade. “Consumers are tired. They”™ve just finished upgrading from tube-type CRT TVs to HDTV flat screens,”? explains Levy. “They”™re budget-weary from the recession, too, so asking them to pop three grand to replace their two-year-old plasma screen won”™t sit well with most folks.”?

Will the consumer embrace 3DTV? Like this perspective, I’m not even sure I like 3D at the movie theater never mind trying to create a similar experience at home.

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