Backup Complete

Situation normal. I attended the final stages of the backup until midnight last night. It took several hours for all my working set photography files to go back into their respective places.

And I wanted to run through the new machine to make sure that everything was fine. The new environment is exactly as it was just before the machine failure on Saturday afternoon. Exactly. I only lost about an hour’s worth of work. Not bad.

There is also a nice new iMac in the house.

The oldest Mac I have is a tower in the studio. Hard to believe that it is going into its 8th year of service and still running just fine. We have two old power-based iMacs. They have been running for about 6 years. I was running a 2-year old iMac in the office until the drive began to fail on Saturday.

I knew that I would be needing to add at least one machine sometime in the next 12 – 24 months. The old power-based iMacs are still good machines but they are starting to show signs of age. And the studio machine will need to be replaced at some point.

We’ll get the drive replaced on the 2-year old iMac and then retire one of the old power-based iMacs.

Hard drives fail. And it was good to know that the combination of Time Machine, Migration Assistant, Super Duper and Dropbox all worked flawlessly. I only used Time Machine and Migration Assistant to bring back my environment but it was comforting to know that I had a full volume backup from the previous day on tap.

The Time Machine backup was current to one hour before the system down.

Pretty impressive.

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