Happy Camper

Although my old iMac is quickly fading — I could not complete a final full volume backup — I remain a happy camper.

I am on a new iMac and within just a few hours, I have almost all of my system back and running.

All applications work perfectly. All data is back with two exceptions:

1. Photos. There are so many of them that it will take several hours to bring them back from backup.

2. Yesterday’s financial transactions. The start of all the distress happened while I was updating my financial information.

The miracle of up-to-the-minute backups and the Migration Assistant. I thought for sure that I would have all sorts of issues reinstalling applications. However, the Migration Assistant not only pulled them all back but it also brought over all of the supporting files. Everything came back appropriately licensed and ready to go.

The only hiccup. Windows.

When I brought Windows back up on the virtual machine, it detected a different hardware configuration. I had to transfer my activation to the new install.

Not so bad. It took about 10 minutes over the phone.

A bit of a crazy week-end and not what I had in mind. But I am feeling so much better now that I have my digital life restored.

Thank heavens for a disciplined back up routine.

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