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We have decided to home school our youngest son for the balance of this school year. He was an unfortunate victim of a violent and unprovoked attack at his school and we believe that it is best for him to be away from that environment. We will investigate alternatives over the next few months which will include private schooling, attending a different public school, or continuing home schooling.

Lorraine has been busily developing his academic program and she is actively teaching again.

There are some interesting sources of information about home schooling in Ontario.

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents is a provincial homeschool group that provides support to homeschooling families and information on home-based education.

The Ontario government has a policy on home schooling. This was developed largely in response to the institutional bias against home schooling. The policy is comprehensive and it goes under the title: Policy/Program Memorandum No. 131.

And, if needed, there is a Home School Legal Defence Association based out of our old home town in London, Ontario.

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  1. Mike P
    Mike P says:

    Very cool. I was home-schooled until the end of grade six, and don’t regret any of it””it was wonderful to be given the opportunities I had in my formative years, especially in the literature and creative pursuits I was exposed to.

    It’s an unfortunate event to have as the prompting for it, but I hope your family enjoys and benefits from the experience.

  2. andyb
    andyb says:

    That’s a tough situation Richard – too bad for young Matthew but very cool that he can enter into homeschooling.

    Lois and I have been homeschooling the kids since Sept 09 – it’s a good experience.

  3. Allen Woolfrey
    Allen Woolfrey says:

    I am a fan of the voucher system for education: The parents of each child of public or high school age gets an education voucher that they can spend in the public school system or a private school. Naturally, teacher unions are highly opposed.

    We sent our son to private school for several years because the public system had failed him, and we greatly resented paying both education tax and private school fees. Private school worked out well for our family. I expect your son will receive higher quality education at home.


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