Great Smoky Mountains Shut Down

Roaring Forks Motor Trail. Closed. Cades Cove. Closed. And now, the Little River Road. Closed.

All the prime photography locations at the Great Smoky Mountains. Shut down.

We went out to the park late this afternoon with the plan to shoot the Little River. Although we could go partway, the really interesting section of the river, from Sink Falls — the photo below was from last year — out to just before the Cades Cove loop, is the most photogenic.

I did get some shots of the river and the surrounding area. But with all the prime spots down, I did not have a chance to research alternate locations. And the park is way too big to do a random hike.

To give you some sense of the difference in location, here is a shot of the Little River, taken last year, in one of the prime shooting locations further upstream.

And from this evening.

Same river but further upstream is a much better spot for shooting in this park. A bit frustrating. Tomorrow should be a great day for shooting and I will have to do some research to see if there are any accessible areas in the park to take some photos. Otherwise, we might just hang around the cabin all day.

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