Roaring Forks Motor Trail

Went out last night to shoot some of the rivers and streams around the Roaring Forks Motor Trail. Unfortunately, the road was closed due to construction.

We were able to make it part way along the road to a trailhead simply marked as “Nature Trail”. It led to a wonderful and very active stream. I hiked around the stream for about an hour and a half until it became dark.

Light was fairly even and it was late in the day — around 7pm. I shot the stream at a very narrow aperture to slow the exposure down to about a second. That combination is what creates the water effect you see in the images below. f22, 1 second, on a tripod. Mirror up and remote release. That’s all it takes to frame these types of images. Oh, and a good pair of hiking shoes so that you don’t slip and fall into the water.

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