Youth Diversion

The past few days have been challenging ones for our family. Without going into specifics, our son is doing fine and the aggressor has submitted to the Youth Diversion Program.

You can learn more about this organization here. From their website:

The Youth Diversion Program is a charitable organization which has offered service to youth in the Kingston area since 1974. The goals of the organization are to allow youth to take responsibility for their behaviour, to reduce the number of youth involved in the young offender system, to reduce the number of people victimized by youth in our community, and, to involve the community in youth corrections.

The Program offers two young offender services which hold youth accountable for their actions, by giving them the opportunity to make amends to their community. The Youth Court Committee meets with first time minor offenders, their parents and victims to mediate an appropriate response to the crime. By participating, the youth does not go through the formal Youth Court System.

Hopefully this will help turn a young life around. We will be heading out of town for the next few weeks for a much needed break as a family. Blogging might be even more erratic during that time.

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