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If you need better sound from your system, apparently the best place to look is the fuse in the signal chain. Change the fuse and look at what might happen to the sound:

AHPII Gold : fun but constrained frequencies, flat soundstage not as detailed as Padis
AHPII Copper : less constrained than gold but not relaxing and has a very “in head sound”
default silver wire fuse : less dynamic, sounds thin as if it’s underpowered
Padis 3A fuse with quicksilver connection (preferred direction) : Easily the best – wide open sound, chocolate black background, superb.
Padis 3A fuse with quicksilver connection (disliked direction) : compared to the other direction – very pinched with restricted bass and treble, much less separation of instruments.
Padis 3A fuse without quicksilver connection : compared to the non-Padis fuses listed it presents far more frequencies with far less constraint, without quicksilver it sounds better than the other fuses but with quicksilver (once it’s been burned in) it gives music

Here and here are some forums where audiophiles debate the merits of using one fuse over the other.

One area that I think is still overlooked in terms of improving sound is the remote control that drives the receiver.

I noticed that I was able to get better sound by changing the type of remote control. I have a Pioneer Elite receiver and the stock remote control unit was quite flat sounding and definitely not transparent. When I replaced the remote control with a Logitech Harmony, there was some improvement in the upper midrange response. However, taking things a step further, I removed the battery of the stock remote control unit, and then used the Logitech Harmony remote. The soundstage just opened up fully. Rich, satisfying lows and soaring transparent highs.

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