Necessities of Life

A few folks have been kind enough to offer their support in terms of my struggles with the Internet. Actually, it is not all bad for me. I do have a Telus stick which seems to be able to maintain sustained throughput between 4 and 6 megabits. The stick loses connectivity every once in a while but otherwise it works as advertised. For now that is.

The rest of the household is not so lucky. And it made me wonder. At what point did Internet access become a necessity?

Most of my communication with friends — likely over 90 percent — is over the Internet. Photography, financial management, audio engineering, blogging, technology research, all of these pursuits and more involve activities that take place over the web.

I am addicted. Even without high speed. I need access to the web regardless of where I go. I think the same is also true for my family.

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