Xplornet Sucks

Too many users. Not enough capacity.

Over Christmas, my “high-speed” Internet service, provided by Xplornet, became remarkably slow. Even slower than the ridiculous traffic management policy finally revealed on the Xplornet site.

Download speeds were hitting point 2 to point 4 megabits. Translation? S-L-O-W.

The service prior to Christmas was acceptable. Certainly not consistent with the marketing pitch but good enough for casual browsing. I would get upwards of 5 megabits down although the traffic management would cut in and reduce the speed to 20 percent of the 5 megabit rate after 6 to 8 megabytes of data. So, even though I spend 65 dollars a month for a 5 megabit service, I am only getting a fraction of that service for typical Internet usage.

And now, I am getting a fraction of that fraction.

After measuring the service over the past 24 hours, and after spending a couple of hours with multiple levels of support, I was able to confirm the obvious: an oversubscribed tower.

The third level support conceded that there was a “traffic problem” with the tower and that a request for an upgrade had been received. However, there was no ETA for the upgrade. 3 months? 6 months? A year?

No idea.

I told the support person that it seemed odd that I should be paying 65 dollars a month, or almost 800 dollars a year, for a service level that was not being delivered at the rated speed.

He tried to tell me that the service was achieving at least the 1 megabit down during peak time. Which apparently is acceptable in their usage policy. What a joke. Sure, the first 2 or 3 megabytes of data now come in at the new “high speed” of 1 megabit, or 20 percent of the 5 megabit service. And the remainder comes in at about .2 megabits, or 20 percent of the 20 percent. Which pretty much makes the Internet unusable in our household of geeks. Which means that I am being charged for a service that I am not receiving.

Avoid Xplornet if you possibly can. The service is an absolute rip-off.

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    I remember years ago when that was my only option – over the air internet. And you are right, it is slow.

    But remember this, there is an option .. dial up. In other words, it could be way worse! There could be no tower.

    Just look out that window … remember the great view (smile) .. the country versus Newmarket, a small lot, traffic and fast internet!

  2. Claude Raines
    Claude Raines says:

    Speed on these systems is relative, and the fact that this company gets satellite TV installers in the local areas to install these systems should be an indication of what you are about to get. Even Bell isn’t that dumb. Everyone knows that sat tv installers are paid by the job so…like they care. Put it up and …NEXT.
    The word on the street in the nations capital is that they are in financialhardship (ya think!), of course no comment when I called to inquire, but I found it funny that the person I was corresponding with on this, suddenly stopped emailing me back.
    Came to find out the person who was telling me there were no problems, had just bailed for another opportunity>>>>>HMMMMMMM?????

  3. Steve Leach
    Steve Leach says:

    Richard (nice guitar, by the way) & others, it is nice to know that I am not alone. To make a long story short, I took over a contract from the previous home owner and quickly discovered Xplornet was absolutely useless. I complained to them the first day I used it, and got nowhere fast. I tried a few solutions on my own, and they ended up sending a young kid out to have a look at the antennae and said it’s as good as it gets. So I cancelled and went with Rogers Turbo Hub (which works great for me!). Now, after collecting 4 months’ worth of service I never got, they are demanding, in a heavy-handed manner I might add, a $450 cancellation fee. I have filed a complaint to the “Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services”. The complaint has been accepted and they will follow up with Xplornet. We’ll see how it goes.

    If anybody reading this is planning to use Xplornet, I strongly urge you to try anything else first!

    • Scott
      Scott says:

      I’m going through the exact same thing. I’m curious how yours ended. Right now I have stop payments and still being charged for a service they cannot provide where I am. I recently moved and had home phone with them on the LTE fixed wireless. My plan was for fixed wireless. BUT apparently because they have a “new satellite” and I’m eligible for satellite Internet. Make a phone call with that. Over… lol! So now if I cancel, they’ll charge me 450 right of the bat, and they said deal with it. So I kept my services going and said, I’m not done with this.

  4. Brigitte Werner
    Brigitte Werner says:

    I’m welcoming me in the club! xplorenet-speed is really, really slow.
    I’m paying $ 1,200 for nothing. FRAUD is another word for it.

  5. maha
    maha says:

    Xplornet lied to me then they told me if I pay for the box then I don’t have to pay cancelation fee, I never took the agreement with the installer and so they charged me 450 to cancel then I told them so many time that I am moving at the end of the month, no one called for pick up of the equipment so I have to pay for the equipment.

    explornet are crooks beyond believe

  6. Chris
    Chris says:

    Well I am not with x-plornet. I am with rogers rocket hub and it works great till it is a long weekend or busy with cottagers in the area. Thats when all the lines get all messed up and rogers tries to tell me that it must be my computer. I don’t get it, my cell phone works why can’t my internet? I am done with them and am looking to go with X-Plornet as it will be cheaper for me. We can all complain about crappy internet service till the cows come home and it doesn’t matter who you are with. These companies are all protected by the legalised mafia we call our government. Lets all try and go back to the 80’s or 90’s and forget about it!!lol
    I can’t cause I am hooked just like everybody else!!

    • Franz
      Franz says:

      So how is Xplornet working for you compared to Rogers? I’m sure you wished you never changed or opened your mouth lmao

  7. Bob
    Bob says:

    I feel the pain, I have been teh same battle with my ISP. I sent the CRTC an email which I doubt I will here back from them as they do not take quality of service complaints. Can you believe that!!!. My ISP has heard from me many times over the last 5 years, I am on my 3rd router and the first one I gave to a buddy and he is still useing it. But they still say my slow speed which is only at night and on the weekends must be my router….Huh?, all 3 of them?. Like all the wireless ISP’s they over sell and I know this as do you. I have been in the Telecom. world for 30 years as a tech both on the voice and data side and when the long distance was deregulated back in the early 90’s the same thing happened with all the resellers. Someone if not the CRTC has to look at this wireless mess and give use people a something we can use not just pay for because I know in my case dial was faster at night.

  8. Phoenix
    Phoenix says:

    What can I say? I am with Ripnet who provided a decent service ( albeit expensive) until this summer when the download dropped to a fifth of what I was getting. Guess what? Xplornet bought them out in June and although tech pretended to address the problem they finally admitted that this is what I can expect – Xplornet. What a sellout, leaving clients high and dry without even a howdy-do. And in their press release they even had the gall to say that the service would improve. Avoid Ripnet and Xplornet if there is any alternative. They are dishonest.

  9. Yvonne Green
    Yvonne Green says:

    I have to agree and empathize with you Richard. We are paying 135 (after taxes)/mo. and were told that we would definately get faster internet. LOLOLOL big joke. We are on “Time-sharing”?. Well, I timed it. For the first hour we are on we are alloted 15 minutes at peak time which should be up to at least 1 GB of download speed hah!! We should be so lucky to even see that much, try 254 kbs and therein after right down to 4-9 kbs which made downloading ANYTHING virtually impossible. What did they tell me at customer support? Free time is from 2 a.m. to 7 a.m. riiiiiiight. Still didn”™t get anywhere near 1gbs and never did get my program downloaded. You are right, the componay is definately not delivering what it promises!!!

  10. Dave
    Dave says:

    Received a call that they want to change my expornet service to the 4g service. I paid $ 600.00 to get the Everest service hooked up (they were purchased by Explornet). I paid $ 49.99 for 1.5 G band width no limit on down load. Now they want to offer me 10 G limit on down load and $ 3.50 for each extra Gig I use with a 3 year contract. Do I have any recourse, suggestions please.


    • Arthur
      Arthur says:

      As an ex-Everus customer Dave, I don’t believe you. Everus did not have an unlimited wireless service.

      I was switched to the new 4G WiMax service about a month ago. It’s much more reliable than the old sh-tty Vecima system. There have been two outages so far of more than 12 hours each.

      With the 3Mb service I see FTP speeds of ~366KB/sec, which is acceptable. They throttle torrents pretty hard with their FAP; avg daytime speed is ~35KB/sec. From around 1:30am to 7am torrenting runs full speed.

      If you don’t really need much bandwidth, look into the Bell TurboHub service from BMTS. $45/mth for 3GB, $75 for 10GB. I bought the hub ($299) so as to go no-contract and it works reasonably well, about 2Mb/sec in my sticks location.

    • Kevin
      Kevin says:

      If they bought out the previous componey they should be honering the contract till the end of your term. (crtc regulation) however at the end of your current contract your out of luck… So if your 2.5 years into a 3 yr contract enjoy your pricing ( with “technical difficulties” ) for the next 6 months…..

  11. Xplornet 4G Satellite Internet
    Xplornet 4G Satellite Internet says:

    I’ve been reading through a lot of the complaints on here and do sympathize. Until DSL was available in my area, I was an Xplornet client. I’m what you would call a “power-internet-user” and so in the end DSL was more cost effective for me. With that said, I was well aquainted with their “FAP” Policy.

    Fast forward 3 years and I’m now working pretty closely with an Xplornet dealer. I’m in sales and so I am on the front line. I’ve been selling their Wimax service for a few months now and from the feedback i’ve received, clients have been pleased with the service. I’ve also heard that their “FAP” policy on the new 4G network has been greatly improved to eliminante daily limits, but rather charge for overages on your monthly bandwidth allocation. Something I’m a huge supporter of. What can I say, in my opion it is the lesser of the two evils.

    Now, before you decide to send me hate mail, please recognize that I’m just pointing out some improvements that may interest their existing and/or former customer base.

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      This is probably what an interview with this cheese-baller would go like:

      You WERE with Xplornet until DSL became available. Why is that?
      -Because Xplornet SUCKS.

      Why did you switch to Xplornet?
      -Because I was a power-internet-user

      But now you resell the product?
      -Yes, They pay me everytime i screw someone into a 3 year contract. Since these people have no other option they gladly sign away and I make my $50 spiff.

      But again, You dont use the product?
      -No, I use DSL because it actually works all the time.

      • al
        al says:

        You do realize that people have a choice on whether or not to sign a contract . Xplornet does offer a 3 year, 2 year, 1 year and a no fixed term option. Yes the activation fees are higher but seeing as most people complain about having to sign a contract, the best bet would be not to sign one at all! Xplornet is not much different from other internet companies (look at Bell for example, they indicate that their clients will receive up to 24mbps of download speed when in reality, the average download speed is 3mbps – tell me what kind of ripoff your signing up for through them?) It is all a matter of perspective. In reality, nobody will ever be completely satisfied with the company they are with. As for Xplornet’s new upgraded “Wimax” service, I have heard good things about it. No company will guarantee their download speeds!

        • Darle Heck
          Darle Heck says:

          Xplornet doesn’t let you cancel, even when they don’t provide you with service, even when you have no use of the internet. I am getting .018 down on their new 4G lite. I was signed up for the 25mgbs, then they told me I had to drop down to the 10 and it has been horrible ever since. It is due to congestion on a tower, they know it and they admit it. They tell me it will probably be fixed in 6 months but don’t worry my internet will work after it is fixed and No you can’t cancel! So I am paying Rogers for a Rocket Hub plan that actually works well and I am paying Xplornet and getting nothing at all. They are a ripoff and a scam stay away.

    • Pascal Marleau Proulx
      Pascal Marleau Proulx says:

      I had unlimited internet up to 5 mb/s for 60$ / mo whit xplornet. My parents tried changing to a cheaper plan and when we tried to go back to are old plan it was not avaieble any more, We could only get 30 go for the same price

      Dont tell me their improving. There getting worst. If they could offer unlimited 3 years ago before they bought all the competion. Why not now when they own 100 % of the bandwith for rural region, The worst is that the governement is helping them. Should not the governement try to help their competion so that satellite internet provider force them self to give us good deals

  12. Mike
    Mike says:

    Has anybody had any luck getting out of a contract with xplornet (without paying the cancellation fee) when consistently experiencing poor performance? I’m currently exploring my options. With my 3Mbps “enhanced” service, I’ve been getting download speeds between 100-400 Kbps (on a good day) for the entire first year of my contract. They openly admit that what I’m measuring is accurate and blame the problem on heavy users on my tower. How is that my problem?

  13. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I hooked up with xplorenet last November and it has been a nightmare (live in northern BC). It took over 4 hours to download a 30second video. I have been calling the support team regularly. I have only been subject to Fair Use Policy on 2 occassions, but I seriously had to get up in the middle of the night to do any work. Ten years ago, I was on dial-up and the service was better! (no dial-up here!) I just cancelled with xplorenet and they billed me $300 plus for early cancellation fees, even though I bought the equipment and told them I did not want a contract. I don’t see how it can be right, that a company can lock you into a contract when you own the equipment?? I am a business person and the internet is crucial to my business. Xplorenet did not
    provide the service (everytime I phoned in, they would say that my speed was fine and I would say, it doesn’t matter how much speed I have, when there is no bandwidth available) that they promised and it has seriously cost me thousands of dollars in cash and also thousands of dollars in time and uncalculable stress! I have complained to the local company that set me up and have also told them that they are just as bad as Xplorenet and I will not be doing any business with their company. Has anybody had any luck in re-couping any $$$ from xplorenet??? or are we just “b….ing” and in the end…we have still be taken??

  14. Bob Collin
    Bob Collin says:

    yes indeed xplorente sucks.
    Always low speed, always full price as if it was an excellent, premium, high speed service. And zero service. Really the worst deal out there. Bob Collin

  15. Graham
    Graham says:

    We have been abused by xplornet for over 6 years. For the first 4 years with the old system with the blue modem and the hourly FAPing. Now at the tail end of a 3 year contract with the BS new and improveved hughsnet system.
    Whats with the newest 4g BS system, its faster and cheaper, oh and for existing xplornet customers you get a big $50 off over new customers, what a slap min the face. Oh and while still under a contract they have now taken away options I had when I signed up, Like being able to upgrade durung the holidays, not that it was worth the $120 for the month! XPLORNET SUCKS!!!!!

  16. Michael
    Michael says:

    I had Xplornet satellite for years and eventually sold my house and now have DSL.

    Xplornet is an horrible company with very bad technical support and they don’t are about customers since they have a virtual monopoly in areas not serviced by rogers/bell.

    Make sure to avoid them at all costs.

    I felt I was living in the former Soviet Union when I was an Xplornet slave.

    Never again !!

  17. Chris
    Chris says:

    Probably the most frustrating ISP in the world. Here’s the top ten reasons to avoid Xplornet like the plague.

    10) Contracts that are impossible to get out of. Someone definately paid large for these iron-glad deal makers.
    9) No other option – Its sad to think but the only reason Xplornet lives is because there are no other options in the area.
    8) Having to restart modem – Almost a daily routine, wake up, restart modem, aaaand wait for the slowness.
    7) Tech Support! – I should preface this with basically all ISP tech support sucks. As soon as they find out you have a router, they blame it. How sad is it that every household has a router (mine has two) and yet ISP’s refuse to support these devices.
    6)Tier’d Pricing – Ok so what is the point in having different speeds if they only go that speed for a split second anyways? My thought just go to the lowest package and save some money! It’s not like we’re breaking any speed records anyways.
    5) N.A.T. – Of course Xplornet would choose to have this option enabled by default. This will restrict ports and stop certain games and applications from functioning properly. Thanks guys.
    4) Downloading Torrents – It takes forever. Literally days. A stable connection probably hours. Xplornet is the worst.
    3) Streaming a Youtube video – If you have xplornet then you know the pain of dropping every single video clip to 240p in a hope that it doesn’t chop so badly you close your browser. Do they even realize its this bad?
    2) Video Gaming Online – Welcome to the 21st century, A time where people can shoot each other across the planet in real time. Oh wait, You’ve got xplornet. You’d better disconnect everything and hardwire directly to your console. You can’t have someone check their fb whilst playing, its too much. Party chat? Forget about it, N.A.T is on remember. What a joke.

    and the #1 reason to hate xplornet and avoid it like the plague?

    F.A.P. The Fair Access Policy. – These set of rules are what keep our speeds low, the restrictions high and our ability to make a simple VoIP phone call removed. I can’t even order a pizza. You want a real laugh google F.A.P. xplornet

    • Pascal Marleau Proulx
      Pascal Marleau Proulx says:

      I want to add some information to chris comment of 10 reason to avoide xplornet

      11. You dont have any control on your internet connection. If you are a big gammer like I am you probably tried to make private servers for game like G mode or Dying or others games. To do so you need to access your internet settings by writhing your ip address in your search bar. A window will pop out and your user name is subscriber and password xplornet4g

      You are suppose to be able to do this whit any internet provider the thing is that whit xplornet you cant change some settings. Such as port forwarding, meaning no multiplayer servers. You cant host your own server. Unlest the game offers dedicated servers.

      12) welcome in 2015 -No Data busted my internet limit in 3 days downloading battlefield 4 whit all the dlc. games on Xbox one are 40 gb some time and update 2g. My limit is 30gb.

      13) Worst client support if you want to get xplornet they answer in 2 se. if you have technicall issues you wait 2 days

  18. Me
    Me says:

    So basically they are overselling there capacity to provide the service …. to CHEAP to put in the equipment or to broke.

  19. Mike
    Mike says:

    Got Xplornet for many years now. Began with Kaboom (70$/month) and last years I have complainted about my speed going slower. They said that my option have been lowered and offer me Kabang for the the price of 150.$/month less 50% discount (1.5 up and 0.250 dw) ; never reach this speed though. Today I received an email from Xplornet, saying that my discount is over and send me an over charged bill of 150.$/month for the same service.

    I called Xplornet and they tried to sell me a new equipment (modem and dish) for between 224.$ and 524.$ depending of the lenght of the contract + more than 200.$ for re-installation; after that, I would have to pay 60.$/month for service (max. 20 Go). My actual good working satellite modem and dish would be out of use.

    My choices, pay 150.$/month, using my actual equipment or replace for new equipment for a lower month fee.

    I finaly choose a third non Xplornet option; I bought a 3G cellular modem for 100.$ from TELUS and will pay 35.$/month for 0 to 3Go of bandwith + 10.$ for each 1 Go over; this will cost me between 40.$ and 70.$ per month, just as I was paying before the Xplornet rip off, and my speed will be nearly three time better.

    Come on guys, if cellular signals can reach your area, compare both services; Xplornet realy sucks…

    • Steve
      Steve says:

      we pay over $170 for 2meg down and 500 up and thats not 500 meg up by the way and lucky to get 200 up at times sometime less then dialup 🙁 if it rains were out cloudy its out fog its out get were I’m going with this truly stay away 🙁

  20. Blake
    Blake says:

    Xplornet has the absolute WORST client service I have experienced since Bell Telephone. I have a placque on my office wall for once being part of the management team that Call Center Magazine once declared was the “Best North American Call Center of the Year”. I regularly burn out batteries in my portables while waiting on ignore. Whenever you are lucky enough to speak to someone about Xplornet’s comicly SLOW speeds, they blame it on my wireless router. When I ask to speak with a supervisor, there are none, when I ask to be speak to someone else they say hang up an call again. FOR WHAT!!!! to be abused by the WORST customer service since Bell Telephone? CRTC help us all!!! PLEASE!!!!

    • Dona
      Dona says:

      you guys really have me worrying!!! The tech is coming out here on Monday 6/18 to install xplornet. We have Rogers Rocket hub now, works ok, but not great for our demographics. Lots of trees and we are in a valley, so cell signal shoots over our heads.
      Hope this works well for us, or in the first 30 days we will be calling them for money back..

      • doreen Bonin
        doreen Bonin says:

        Just had xplorenet installed and am still in my 30 day trial. Wondering how you are liking the service. I live on the west coast of BC and could try bell or telus hub but they are very expensive. Decided to go no contract because we don’t know how long we will be in this location. This website is so negative. thanks doreen

  21. Dave
    Dave says:

    well i was going to give xplornet a try or at least call them to see what they are about till i hit this line of posts good thing i am looking for someone who needs a internet hookup but where they live is nada i my self have tried bells highspeed but they crap out alot and rogers stick which was painfully slow i have kept my cogeco connection from day one when they went online and abit of slower times its pretty much delivered on the speeds they say they will now without xplornet is there any other alterative for a rural connection?

  22. john
    john says:

    hey guys got new xplornet 4 g stay away gose down everyday o to 5 gigs right i phone them everyday the contrack say O to 5
    most times u will get O just warning u all

  23. Greg
    Greg says:

    xplornet is without doubt the worst bunch of crooks! I got their performance package for 5 megabit of download. Was good for about a week after i had all there junk installed and i paid for it all. After that i went down to an average 0.22 megabit download for good,didn’t matter what time day or night. many,many calls to their techs, it was never their fault. nothing was ever done to fix it. they just lie to you. I asked them if they would discount my bill since i never recieved the service they led me to believe i would get. they said “that simpley will not happen”. I demanded to talk to a supervisor, but they didn’t have one there. i demanded that one contact me. i got a reply 7 weeks later only for him to say he reviewed my history of complaints and deemed no fault of explornet and he said ” they would not fix something that was not broke.” this is exactly what they want, just your money. To date, nothing has been done and i have been forgotten, but their billing department runs smooth as silk, as they are never late with those. Xplornet truely SUCKS.

  24. luigi
    luigi says:

    after all the money spent for installationand 90 dollars a month \i go to use the internet and there is no service then i call and a long waight somebody answers your phone telling you that you are over the limit of usage and the ask you to go to another pakage wich is going to cost more.XPLORNET SUCKS BE AWARE

  25. Dan Patten
    Dan Patten says:

    Over the past 2 months I’ve been taking my computer in for repairs to see why it was responding so slowly. On each occasion, I was informed that my computer was operating as fast or faster than their own. Getting onto a link when opening Google sometimes took from an hour or more. The technician working on my computer, on the last visit, stated that it had to be an issue with the supplier—-being Xplornet. Unless things improve very soon, I will be switching suppliers.

  26. Greg Noble
    Greg Noble says:

    hi, i live in a campground near Baie Verte ,nl i`m only 16 kilos from
    the cell towner had to invest $1000 for amplifier and antenna to get cell service, now i use the bell turbo stick to get cell phone internet, the speed is tolerable but very expensive when you go over on data(which i do everymonth)
    i had a brother that had xplornet several years ago and it was junk. but now i have been aproached by a xplornet salesman and he sais they are totally upgrading the system speeds will be drastically upgraded
    but its not quite available here in this part of nl yet.
    Can anyone tell me if this new upgraded xplornet is worth buying into?
    Steve from NL can you shed any light? thanks

    • Paulette Vautour
      Paulette Vautour says:

      xplornet has been telling me that for 5 years. Everytime I get upgraded the price goes up but the service remains intolerable. I, too, am outside any other service available so I have no choice. I do not have service between 3 – 4 pm and 3 – 4 am. When there are more then a few people on line, I cannot get on. My monthly fee is $73 and now they are offering to upgrade me again for a definite fee increase. Don’t do it. Do not go back to xplornet!!!!

  27. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    We cancelled our explornet internet in Feb of 2012. Today I got a call from them to collect over $500 for missing equipment. In January I called at least 4 times to make arrangements for the equipment to be picked up – no one at xplornet seemed to care. Now they are telling me that unless I get the equipment, they are sending me to a bill collection agency! Beware – they don’t seem to care at all about the consumer or what is right and just!

  28. Jim Dickie
    Jim Dickie says:

    All I can say, is no matter how desperate you are for internet, NEVER, EVER, EVER consider signing on with Xplornet. Even if you don’t have a contract, the hassles are not worth it. They are literally the most incompetent company, for both technical and billing issues, that I have ever dealt with in my life. I’ve been with Xplornet for 8 months (trying to get them to come out and get the dish at the moment) and they have taken money out of my bank account on the wrong day (and I don’t mean +/- a day or two, we’re talking weeks) 4 times. They are still threatening to withdraw money on the 20th of this month, despite my canceling the service on October 22.

    Most of what they tell you, whether its in writing, an actual invoice, or over the phone, means NOTHING.

    I just switched to a 3GB data package using a smart phone as a wifi hub with Koodo – $15/month cheaper than Xplornet, and 10-100X as fast, and no gargantuan dish on the side of my house.

    If you need an internet connection and Xplornet is the only option where you live, move. It would be less hassle than dealing with this bunch of incompetent buffoons.

  29. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    My wife and I moved to a rural area and xplornet seemed to be the way to go. After only 2 weeks of service our reciver was struck by lightning. Xplornet told us we were responsible for paying for the equipment. The cost was $500. We tried to convince them to even split the bill with us and they wouldn’t. We were told if we did not pay we would be reported to creditors. We had our billing set up as automatic withdrawl from our bank and they took the $500. We cancelled our account and then they continued to harass us for the damaged equipment claiming it was still their property. Between installation and and the damaged equipment it cost us $630 for 14 days of slow internet service.

  30. sharon
    sharon says:

    My exsplore net never worked right since the day i got it Itold them to come and get it months ago but it is still here.Iphoned then 4 times but noone seem to have enough up stairs to come and get it
    Wish i never heard of them.

  31. joey
    joey says:

    after being with xplorenet for 2 and a half years or so. i amglad that our contract is about to end…. I hate the slow net speeds and the FAP policy it is so over rated and will never go back to xplorenet again and will recommend friends who consider xplorenet an option to just forget about there service, its ridiculous we pay them high amounts of money for services that they call them self high speed when its just slow as hell.

  32. Michael
    Michael says:

    Sadly this looks like my Wimax service here in Wooler , ON. I too have been through the wringer with (not) customer service and (not) support.
    The conclusion by support was “congestion” on the tower…read oversold and under delivered. And yes I got the “minimum” service level spiel, and “we have requested an additional panel on the tower, but they have no current plans…”
    Frustrated more so by the fact that they get my money AND tax dollars.
    They are an immoral outfit, but my only choice at this time.
    As a tax payer and hostage, I demand better service.

  33. Natasha
    Natasha says:

    Wow! Um.. I guess I should have read reviews before getting this garbage, I am however only 3 days in.. The woman on the phone said it would work for Netflix, as my kids use it a lot.. (took almost 2 hours to watch a 30 min cartoon) She said it would work for facebook.. Sure it does.. If you don’t want to see the photos or play the games. She said it would work for gaming on our xbox, not a chance, took 8 hours to install an update that should have only taken 30 seconds.. I think I may just be stuck with this isp though as nobody else seems to service the area.. I moved from the city to a farm house.. The technician was in his late 80’s, and he was climbing up a ladder to install the HUGE dish on the roof. Anyone know if they’ll give me a hard time to cancel if I am well within my 30 days? I refuse to pay for service I cannot use. To post this I had to use my cell and data package.. GRRR

  34. bob
    bob says:

    been with xplornet now for at least 6 years , begrudge every last penny I spend , I started out with their satellite service which sucked horribly and then was conned into believing by their representatives that they had a policy for customer satisfaction that would allow me to seamlessly crossover into their wireless setup at no cost other than the tower if necessary..Ha…wrong , Not only was I told the equipment I had purchased for a whole pile of money not returnable , I was told it was obsolete amd worth nothing and they reneged on the free swap to wireless, they billed me for it, they denied having said that ..From the moment of the very first botched satellite installation to download problems and the rest ,I am a glutton for punishment and continue to use them as there is no similar cost replacement, I can’t afford overages that a hub might bring and theres nothing else available…I’ve just learned to work around the horrible peak time lack of anything that resembles internet and its faster than dial up when it works , which is mostly during the middle of the day and in the middle of the night.. I can’t wait to bail on the pricks…Their policies suck their service sucks , their two tier “no one over second level management bullshit sucks, If you have a problem and they say ..can’t help you…thats it …too bad.. no other recourse..Options wise where we are seems to be the black hole of internet providers…. our daughter and husband bought a house up the street and thought maybe i just hadn’t done my homework about whats available, they did and they ended up trying xplornet because they had affiliated themselves with shaw …BAH…You can see the tower from their house, its literally in their backyard , they bought the biggest baddest setup you could get…. Xplornet and tall their in house support techs and the guys in the field couldn’t get it to work ..they had a perfect signal but no download speed at all , could barely get kb… I am a half mile away from the same tower and I have poor but usable speed.. Unstable as hell but when it flies it works OK….Xplornet bailed on them and said , we don’t know why and we can’t help you ..??? The company is a joke ..First chance something good comes along thats not gonna cost me an arm and a leg …I’m outta there and good riddance to the useless…sadly Canadian company….

  35. dougie
    dougie says:

    The new HT1000 box is giving me a steady 10.5 mb/s downloads, 24 hours a day. They launched a new sat, new stream, no problems (other then latency)

  36. Tannaberton Abacrombie
    Tannaberton Abacrombie says:

    I had a problem last December…My VOIP stopped working on fixed base Xplornet. I worked in telecom for 35 years all over the world and these people were confidently telling me it was too bad. They had determined it was my problem and that was that. Besides even though I had used the VOIP phone for three years it could not possibly ever work on Xplornet…so there. So I went to every government agency and ass kicker I could find and we got together and they did perk up a bit then sent out two guys to take a look and told me it was my phone. then it was my tower, then it was my line, then it was my attitude. Until I proved them wrong on every angle. They went away all sullen and disappointed but called back the next day and told me the phone should work (it did) but refused to tell me what they fixed. I had worked with them on a professional level a few years before…trying to get something they promised was impossible. They promised a large Cell company bandwidth to several locations they could only deliver at night. Despite my warnings of a fight the deal went ahead and I quit just as it started to became apparent what would happen…Xplornet sucketh.

  37. Mike
    Mike says:

    I want to run my satilite over with a truck and mail it back to them. Worse service I’ve ever had.

    Instead of a satilite I’m wondering if they could use the post office to send me Mbps as it would be faster????

  38. Jason
    Jason says:

    Just thought I would leave a comment about Xplorenet. My parent have the service. It was originally tower based and worked fine. It was changed to their sat service and was ok at first. My parents are retired and are not techy at all. They surf the net occasionally a half hour or so a day if that. Their internet as of late has been slow or not worked at all. Since they are lite users of the internet, if it didn’t work they attributed it to weather or whatever and didn’t use it that day. The internet has now slowed to a snail pace and I called tech support for them. After talking to tech support they said the attenuation was to high and instructed to check the connectors which I did. I found the technician had not inserted the coax fully into the connector. After checking the cable run i saw tight bend radius that has surely damaged the diaelectric of the cable. The csr said that the cable was probibly the problem and they would need a service call to resolve. Later in the conversation the csr said the service call would cost my parents money. What? seriously. They are paying for a service that is not working. They are paying $15 dollars a month to rent the equiptment. How the hell is there any charge? The csr continued to explain that the cost would be any where from $85 to $150 to start depending on the contractor. So to clarify they want my parents to pay a service call to repair a service they are not getting, containing equiptment they are RENTING! , and have a technician possibly the one who originally improperly installed it. Really? I asked to speak to someone about cancelling the service and was put on hold. The person returned and said they were very busy and they would talk to me about what they could do about the service call price with in 48 hrs. OK so i guess they didnt hear what i was saying if you wont fix your rented crap, and are not providing the service you are in breach of contract and thats it service cancelled. If you want to come fix it for FREE!!! then the service could continue. I am currently awaiting my call and will post back results.

  39. Dana Sekundiak
    Dana Sekundiak says:

    I totally agree, Xplornet is sloop! In addition they police u on how many gigs u use. Its not unlimited because they are always throttling u back, Its really just high priced cra[!


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