New York, New York

Made it back to Kingston today after several days away in New York City on business.

A few photos to share from the trip. New York is a city filled with contrast. I stayed in a nice hotel not too far from Central Park. The room was clean and pleasant.

The view from my hotel room shows another side of the city. A little less refined.

Central Park was a bit dreary this time of year. Although the weather was relatively mild, the park itself was waiting for spring to arrive.

And back at Toronto’s departure terminal, flights to the United States were not very busy on a Saturday morning.

I did not have as much time behind the camera as I would have liked. Too busy with work. But New York is an amazing place and I would like to go back just to spend more time taking it all in.

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  1. Mike P
    Mike P says:

    Even the places that appear dirty and unrefined have a kind of beauty to them, too. Behind every noisy radiator and stained wall and bit of graffiti and trash bag on the street, there are people making homes, charming diners serving breakfast for $3, and 24-hour pizzerias where you can hear a bum tell a tall tale for a buck. But it’s less than simply tolerating and coming to overlook the the stains and trash and graffiti and noise””they are part of the experience, and themselves become charming in time.

    New York is a beautiful city; I loved it there.


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