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I am heading out to New York City and I will get the chance to experience the enhanced security protocols at Toronto’s Pearson International.

Given that the travel to the airport in Toronto is basically the same distance as it is to Syracuse, I’ll make my decision as to whether it makes sense to take future flights to the U.S. from Canada.

I’m still not sure what is acceptable from a carry-on perspective. Below is a picture of two bags. The one on the right is what I generally take when I am flying. It can hold my main camera body, two lenses, an iPod, a netbook computer and sound isolating headphones.

I’ll be using the bag on the left for the flight to New York. It can hold my second camera, a small Canon G11, an iPod, an eReader and sound isolating headphones. No netbook this trip. I will be using the iPod Touch as my travelling computer. Here is hoping that there are WiFi hotspots at the hotel.

Further updates once I arrive in New York tomorrow.

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