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After wrestling with a bad office chair at home for many, many years, I finally broke down and purchased a new one. Due largely to the impact the current chair is having on my back. Although I am in pretty good shape these days due to all the cycling, the hours spent in front of a computer have taken their toll on my back. I have an ergonomic chair at my place of work and I can use that chair for hours without any back pain. The same cannot be said of the chair in my office at home.

There were lots of chairs that I looked at including the Herman Miller Aeron, the Herman Miller Embody, the Humanscale Liberty, the Humanscale Freedom and the Steelcase Leap.

After quite a bit of research, I decided on the Herman Miller Embody. I spec’d out the chair as pictured below. I ordered the chair online from Gabriel Ross and it should arrive in about 20 business days. Until then, I continue to use a rolled up towel on the existing chair as a form of lumbar support while I do my digital work. I can only withstand 30 or 40 minutes until I have to get up and stretch and try to throw off the lower back pain.


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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Hi, Richard,

    …I believe I see the ejector seat handle. 🙂 Careful when you deploy that one. I suggest fully digesting the 432 page operating manual before pulling on every handle/knob.

    Kidding aside, it looks beautiful. 20 days for receipt though seems a long time, unless they are manufactured on demand….

    Happy New Year to you and your family, and all the very best in 2010!


  2. Alex Massaad
    Alex Massaad says:

    Oh wow, this is a fantastic break down of ergo-chairs.

    I’m in the market for one of these in 2010; my home studio has a bright orange beach towel rolled up too!

    I firmly believe that the towel served its function better on the sand in St. Martin . . .

    • Richard Cleaver
      Richard Cleaver says:

      Hi Alex,

      I think you will find that these are amongst the best ergo-chairs on the market. There are lower cost alternatives, of course. But I decided that at this stage of my life, I need to spend the hours in front of a computer pain free.


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