Celebrate Christmas

A few shots from the evening before the big concert. Spent about 15 hours today getting things ready. But we have a great team, a great sound system and wonderful Christmas music to play. Looking forward to the main event tomorrow night.

Sound system is being controlled by a Digidesign Venue digital console. Very cool.


Despite all the chaos, I think I am holding myself together pretty well.


The room is looking nice with all of the Christmas decorations.


And, after a hundred hours or so of preparation and planning, I finally get a chance to play. My son is backing the team on bass.


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  1. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    Yeah Mike, it would have been great to have you there!

    You would have LOVED the DigiDesign Venue Board 🙂

    These photos are great. It’s too bad they can’t capture the sound 😉


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