Planning a Christmas Concert

On Sunday, December 13th, I will be part of a Christmas concert event here in Kingston. I will be on guitar and my son will be with me on bass. We also have a great team of vocalists and players assembled for the event.

I remember the days when I used to be just a player. I would often play at Christmas events where I would receive the charts in advance, show up to rehearsals and then play. For this particular concert, I elected to play the role of “producer”.  And that meant a lot of work. At a very busy time of year.

My personal work plan included the following tasks:

Permissions and Schedule

  • Obtain approval and location for event
  • Set concert date
  • Set rehearsal locations and dates

Recruit Personnel

  • Lead vocalist
  • Lead guitar
  • Bass
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Drums
  • Background vocalists
  • Program director
  • Audio engineer
  • Multimedia


  • Select songs
  • Prepare arrangements
  • Prepare charts
  • Prepare multimedia
  • Lead rehearsals


  • Contract sound system
  • Contract lighting system
  • Contract audio/visual recording


  • Prepare posters, flyers
  • Media notification
  • Call lists


  • Hall booked
  • Hall dressed
  • Dress rehearsal
  • Refreshments
  • Child care
  • Ushers

With the event just under two weeks away, I have one additional task remaining: rehearse my guitar parts. Although my wife might add: “have some fun!”

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