New Pedals

I have had a Line 6 DL4 delay modeler on the pedal board since 2000. Almost 10 years. A great sounding delay pedal. Over the past few months, it started to do some very unusual things to the sound of the modulated delays. A bit like a screeching, warbled feedback loop and not very pleasing to the ear.

The pedal had served me well but it was clearly time for a replacement. As fate would have it my Dunlop Cry Baby also went south. I have several gigs coming up and a delay pedal is pretty core to my overall sound. A wah pedal is nice but not essential for me. However, since getting to a decent guitar shop is about a two-hour drive, I decided to replace both at the same time.

Lorraine and I headed out to Ottawa on Saturday afternoon. I picked up a Fulltone Clyde from Lauzon Music and a TC Electronic Nova Delay from Steve’s Music. We phoned ahead to make sure they had the devices in stock. And, unlike some of the bigger guitar shops in Toronto, where stocking and restocking product is not a familiar practice, there were no issues in securing the products in the Ottawa stores.

I rewired the whole pedal board and brought up the new pedals over the week-end. Great sounding pedals. Very pleased with the choices.

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