Microsoft IE9

Microsoft is working on a better browser?

This comment from the post highlights the feedback I have heard from many web developers and their love for the IE browser:

Instead of focusing on things like: Direct2D and DirectWrite, please focus on better STANDARDS SUPPORT!

Will IE9 support default ECMAScript events instead of stupid IE proprietary ones?

Will it support as much css3 as other browsers do?

Innovation is fine when you aren’t so freaking behind on features other browsers have had for 5 years.

Stop innovating until you get IE9 up to speed with CSS, Box model, canvas, SVG, base64, @font-face, etc. Stop trying to create your own APIs before you implement standard ones!

Web developers hate you and recommend other browsers because of this asinine behaviour.

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  1. Rod
    Rod says:

    I was at a conference a couple of years ago where 2 of the developers of IE6 were giving a presentation. They were booed as they took the podium… I’ve never seen that before!

    IE is evil…


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