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  • Malcolm Gladwell is the keynote speaker this morning. He starts in a few minutes. Should be interesting. #
  • Gladwell is now up. Hair is very strange. #
  • Gladwell's lessons for transformation are many. #
  • Lesson 1: revolutionary change can be rapid. Transformation can happen now. #
  • Lesson 2: transformation begins with an act of reframing. #
  • An example of reframing: the iPod. From a technology gadget to a simple, easy to use fashion statement. #
  • Lesson 3: most important power is social power. Transformation occurs through social power. #
  • Example of social power: laptop purchase. We rely on our network to help us make purchase decisions. #
  • Gladwell is closing now with a story from the second world war. Shipping being destroyed by Germans off US east coast. #
  • US put together the tenth fleet to transform a big problem — loss of ships during 2nd world war. #
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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    I would love to see him speak. I have read his books, and while they are not filled with deep business insight, they are a fun read.

    I learned that over 10,000 hours.


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