Viva Las Vegas

Lorraine and I are in Las Vegas this week. I am attending a conference here and although the agenda is quite full, we should have a couple of open days on Saturday and Sunday of next week to take some photos.

As we were checking in today, I was noticing that there were a lot of nice cars in front of the hotel. Like this one.


I switched cars last week as well but until I notify direct of kin, particularly my oldest son, I cannot post any details on the blog. Last time he heard about the change from one of his friends who follows the blog. I don’t think he has forgiven me for that one yet.

What I will say is that the new car is very nice. Not a Rolls Royce but not a Rav 4 either — not that there is anything wrong with a Rav 4.

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  1. Brad
    Brad says:

    Cleaves, err i mean Josh seems to think you’ve switched to an Audi? What about the Hyundai Genesis? 4.6 V8 for such a low cost.. You cant beat that value!!!

      • Brad
        Brad says:

        Well my original guess of the Genesis cant be right because it doesnt come in AWD. My new guess is the Lincoln MKS.

        Underlying assumptions: not another Acura, not an SUV, luxury vehicle, new, local dealer…. Confidence is high.

        • Richard Cleaver
          Richard Cleaver says:

          It looks like I will have to do the big reveal fairly soon. But to your assumptions.

          Not another Acura – correct
          Not an SUV – correct
          Luxury vehicle – correct
          New – correct
          Local dealer – correct
          Lincoln MKS – incorrect

          Overall, not bad 🙂


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