The Microsoft Store

Gee. Looks a little bit like an Apple Store. And all those enthusiastic Microsoft employees, er customers.

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  1. Rod
    Rod says:

    reminds me of that crazy Ballmer video from several years ago where he’s running back and forth across the stage screaming trying to get everyone pumped up… and ended up just looking moronic. (

    Its clear in the video the only people excited are the employees (unlike an Apple store opening where everyone is cranked…)

    Well – they are doing one thing right – copying Apple. But as Burger King learned over and over… just because you open a store close to McDonalds, doesn’t mean everyone is just going to show up…

    • Richard Cleaver
      Richard Cleaver says:

      Lorraine and I are currently in Las Vegas and we went to the Apple store. As expected, the place was packed.

      The current “Windows Experience” is all over the map. I would argue that there is no good Windows experience. And a Microsoft store won’t do much to impact that experience.


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