The Big Dig

No water.

At least not getting up to the house from the well. We made that discovery about 11pm last night

We called our water guy and a team came to the house to resolve the issue. The well pump is fine. In fact, it worked all through the night last night to pump water on about 2 or 3 acres of land. There is about 400 feet of pipe between the well and the house. And there is a break somewhere in that line.

Hydro was called in to trace the power line and then a backhoe was called in to dig a trench alongside the well line. Although the crew ran a snake along the line, they have so far been unable to locate the area where the pipe is leaking. The trenching is guesswork and the labor is very intensive. Water everywhere making it very difficult to move the earth and to identify the source of the issue.

We’ve purchased 100 litres of water, enough to keep us going for a few days, but obviously I am a bit concerned about where the break in the pipe might be located. 400 feet is an awful lot of digging. Very expensive digging.

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