Billion-Dollar Donors

Forbes magazine recently highlighted the 14 people who have given away at least a billion dollars:

1 Bill Gates, $28 billion donated
2 George Soros, $7.2 billion
3 Gordon Moore, $6.8 billion
4 Warren Buffett, $6.7 billion
5 Eli Broad, $2 billion
6 James Stowers, $1.9 billion
7 Herbert and Marion Sandler, $1.5 billion
8 Michael Bloomberg, $1.5 billion
9 Li Ka-shing, $1.37 billion
10 Dietmar Hopp, $1.25 billion
11 Michael Dell $1.2 billion
12 Klaus Tschira, $1.1 billion
13 Stephen Schmidheiny $1 billion
14 Ted Turner, $1 billion

Some names not on the list? Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. Larry Ellison of Oracle. Steve Ballmer of Microsoft. You can check out the current list of multi-billionaires here. I guess many of them keep most of the billions they make.

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