Rhodes Piano Plug-in

“Brad was wondering if you had a good Rhodes piano plug-in… the keyboard he is renting is for pads only…”

As the studio is very much in a temporary state, I really don’t have a full tracking environment. At best a partial tracking environment. The Pro Tools rig can certainly handle mixing. But tracking is proving to be an interesting challenge. I did not plan on tracking virtual instruments. Not a big deal but it took some time to get the rig up to date. My own fault as I had done what I thought was a minor Pro Tools upgrade. Turned out to be a lot more significant.

Because of the upgrade, I had to download a new instance of the Velvet plug-in from Digidesign. This plug-in provides some great Rhodes sounds. Some promo videos from Digidesign:

The download was large at over 350MB and took about an hour. Installing and authorizing the plug-in took about twenty minutes. I also had to download the MIDI driver for the Korg TR workstation. Installation and testing of the MIDI tracking took another hour or so.

Why all the work? When I had upgraded the Pro Tools rig, I had focused on updating the environment for mixing not MIDI tracking. The good news is that when I moved the keyboard over to the console, connected the USB cable, set up a MIDI track and a virtual instrument track, everything worked.

Great tones from the plug-in. Hundreds of presets. Should be good to go for our tracking tomorrow night.

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