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I know. I had mentioned that I would post some photos of the temporary space where I have set up the mix area. I’m late but here is a video of the space. Trevor was down this week-end and we tracked overdubs for his project here. The video gives you an idea as to how we have set things up. The space is actually very nice for mixing and limited tracking. The size of the room — over 1,200 square feet — provides lots of air for the sound.

Quick note on the video. Trevor’s electric violin is being recorded through a direct feed into the Pro Tools HD rig. The sound you hear in the video is not coming directly from Trevor’s electric violin. The sound is coming from the nearfield monitors in front of me on the console.We could listen that way because we were not using any open microphones.

The microphones you do see are two Neumanns set up in an ORTF configuration over Trevor’s head. We used those for tracking the acoustic violin and viola, not for tracking the electric violin.

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