It Is A Wrap For Now

The session last week ended formally at 8pm on the Friday evening. We used 50 hours of studio time to complete the following:

  • Finals on drums for 10 songs
  • Finals on percussion for 8 songs
  • Finals on piano for 10 songs
  • Finals on bass for 10 songs

We will likely revisit a few of the tracks for some rework but we achieved more than we planned in our session.

From here, I estimate another 50 to 100 hours of tracking overdubs: guitars, keys and violin. And after that another 50 to 100 hours to mix. 8 hours to master. We will land somewhere in the range of about 200 hours to complete the project. This does not include all of the time spent in pre-production — selecting songs, creating arrangements, coordination and planning, rehearsals, studio selection, etc. Although the bed tracks have completed, we still have some work ahead to finish the project.

Thrilled with the results from our week at Phase One. We had an awesome time in the studio.

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