Day 4

Our bed tracks are basically done. The drums are final. We completed the percussion overdubs today. Here is a shot of Steve on his kit. We had a videographer and photographer in the studio today to capture the session. You can see the video camera operator in the background of this shot:


We began working on the overdubs by reviewing the piano performances. As we had tracked multiple takes, we looked for ways to “comp” a final. In essence, we reviewed all of the performances and built a final by taking segments of different takes and combining them into a final performance. Most of the songs were fine. A few needed very minor fixes. And a couple required punches.

After piano, we worked on percussion. And after percussion, we tracked the upright bass. I was able to use a vintage Telefunken U-47. What an amazing microphone. It really brought out the presence and warmth of the instrument.

Here is a shot of our bassist with the U47 out in front:


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