The Great Outdoors

Josh and I had a chance to serve at Wesley Acres this morning. We served as part of a worship team in a large outdoor setting. Well, not quite outdoors. We were in a tent.

It was a special time all around. Particularly when I get the chance to serve with my son.

For those of you looking for a glimpse of the new gear in action, here it is. Awesome guitar to play and an awesome rig. This first photo is a picture of me and my son. I think he liked a certain guitar riff I had just played.


Here is a shot of part of the band. We also had three singers with us. Perhaps the camera needs a wider lens.


Always a good idea to tune before you play. The photo does give a front shot of the new Tom Anderson guitar as well as a peek at the new Dr Z rig.


Groovin’ and riffin’.


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  1. Chris W
    Chris W says:

    Richard, the guitar looks beautiful! As I searched to hear some of Tom Anderson’s guitar tones I was led to this madness…
    Some quick questions…your rig looks great but what’s the box right behind you beside the cab? Your son’s rig looks great too, that’s a Warwick right?
    Thanks Richard for keeping your blog going, I’m definitely learning lots!

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Hi Chris,

    I love playing this guitar!

    The box in question is a power distribution unit. It provides voltage controlled, filtered and conditioned electrical AC. I usually take it along as electrical power can be pretty random particularly at outdoor events.

    Josh does play a Warwick. The bass rig (Ampeg SVT Pro head and SWR 2×10 cab) is mine but I have been known to let him play through it once in a while 🙂


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