An Expensive Buffet Dinner

Salida Capital, a Toronto-based investment firm, won an auction for a steak lunch with Warren Buffett. The price of the lunch? Almost $2 million Canadian. The money goes to the Glide Foundation, a nonprofit group in San Francisco.

How much is lunch with Warren really worth? It depends on the year.

Year Winning Bid (USD)

2000 $25,000
2001 $18,000
2002 $25,000
2003 $250,100
2004 $202,100
2005 $351,100
2006 $620,100
2007 $650,100
2008 $2,110,100
2009 $1,680,300

Salida does offer some interesting fund performance data here although they will only accept direct investments in units of at least $1 million.

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