Another PC Bites The Dust

We had one remaining Windows PC in our household. It was being used by my youngest son. The box was relatively new and well configured. It was running Vista.

And it had one of those moments that Windows users know all too well: a frozen machine. My son tried to bring the machine back but after repeated attempts at Ctrl-Alt-Del, he had no other recourse but to initiate the Big Red Switch routine. Only the machine would not respond to a power down scenario. He then decided to unplug the machine.

Once power was restored, the machine would not boot.

I have spent hundreds of hours over the years rebuilding Windows machines. But since most of the family went over to Macs, I have spent exactly zero hours rebuilding Macs. I’m sure the Macs have gone south every once in a while. I just have not had a need to rebuild a Mac due to a hard system failure. Unfortunately, my experience with the Windows machines was not good. They failed frequently and I had to rebuild Windows boxes dozens of times over the years.

We had an iMac on standby and I pressed it back into service. An older G5, it still runs the most current release of OS X. I spent about 30 minutes installing iLife 2006 and voila, the iMac was ready to go.

Aside from a netbook running Windows XP, there are no other Windows PCs active in our household.

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