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One of the tasks that I need to do in preproduction for Trevor’s project is to prepare the inputs for recording bed tracks. The instruments include an electric violin, electric guitar, piano, drums and bass. I might also need to be ready for acoustic violin, acoustic guitar and keyboards.

If you are interested, you can see a blank input list for Phase One Studios. The pdf file is here. The input list covers instrument, mic, preamp, signal processing, buss, tape input and monitor input.

Here is my preliminary input list for mics and preamps. Signal processing yet to come as I am still debating what I might use in the session. I prefer to track with as little processing as possible. We will be using Pro Tools HD. I have yet to decide on sample rate. Everything will be 24-bit.


Kick: Beyer Dynamics M88 N, Neve 1073 preamp
Snare: Shure SM 57, Neve 1073 preamp
Toms: (4) Neumann U87, Neve 1073 preamp
Hi Hat: AKG C451 EB, Neve 1073 preamp
Overheads: (2) Neumann U47 FET, Neve 1073 preamp


Avalon U5 Direct Box


(2) Coles 4038, Telefunken U47, API preamps


Demeter Stereo Tube Direct Box

Electric Guitar

Shure SM 57, DW Fearn VT-2 Dual Vacuum Tube preamp

Acoustic Guitar

(2) Royer R-122, Daking 52270 preamps

Electric Violin



Schoeps CMC5 MK 4, Neve 1073 preamp

I may revisit these choices over the next few weeks. I might wander away from some of the safe choices (SM-57s for electric guitar) since those tracks will not be keepers and I could have some fun experimenting. The key is to get finals for drums, bass and piano.

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  1. Trevor Dick
    Trevor Dick says:

    This input list is looking pretty good to me … will be cool to experiment with the mics on the guitar and other scratch tracks … thanks again for all your amazing work on this, Richard.


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