Tubes Installed

The tubes for my Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special arrived last week. I installed them and I instantly heard a dramatic difference. Truly remarkable.

Okay. Just kidding. Perhaps there is a difference in the sound but it is quite subtle. The amp sounds wonderful as always except that the microphonic noise has disappeared. I am playing this week-end so I will get a chance to give it a work out. I may notice some changes to the sound in a live setting. Or maybe the new tubes need some time to burn in.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Good to hear your Boogie is up and running. In my experience, there is no question tubes need time to settle in, however usually the change is not noticeable one day to the next and less over time.

    Did you get original Boogie tubes?

    Boogies are great! My 23 year old MK III combo twins still stand the test of time. Re-tubed about 2 years ago now with matched Boogie replacements.

    Hope your gig goes well….I’m sure it will…



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