Weight Loss

“You have really lost a lot of weight.”
“Yes, I have.”

“How much?”
“You really want to know?”

“45 pounds.”

“Since January?”
“Since the end of January.”

Now I have a slightly different problem. Despite having reached my target five weeks ago, I am still losing weight. At a rate of a pound a week. I keep very detailed records of my caloric intake and my exercise sessions. Cycling is burning significantly more calories than I can eat. Yesterday, as an example, my net intake after exercise was 1,080 calories. I need to be consuming 1,900 calories net to maintain my current weight. Funny thing though. I do not feel hungry and my cycling performance is fine. My budget for new clothes however is under stress.

I have reduced my cycling sessions from 6 – 7 each week down to 4 – 5 sessions. And I will look at how to eat just enough food.

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  1. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Thanks Harvey!

    I used to race in my youth and I rediscovered cycling about 5 years ago. Last year provided numerous changes for me and I stopped riding for about a year. I just forgot to stop eating all those calories. Doesn’t take long to add a lot of weight.

    I ride for fitness. I am too old for racing.


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